Are you looking for a TCE –Substitute?

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It is a universally known fact the all man-made substances are either non-recyclable or non-degradable. TCE is one of them. Trichloroethylene (TCE) is a man-made substance, mainly used while manufacturing adhesives, glues, paints and other chemicals. TCE is also used as a cleanser for various kerosene fueled products.

It dissolves in water but can remain underground for a long time, thus contaminating water. It doesn’t easily evaporate from surface of the soil, leading to soil pollution. While the consumption of TCE doesn’t match EHS standards, the continuous exposure to TCE can be fatal too. Various medical research centers have considered TCE as carcinogenic (causes cancer to humans).

Our continuous efforts to preserve nature has directed us to find an alternative to TCE. As our primary mission is to improve the EHS standards, we are encouraged to do so with utmost integrity. We have a well-defined, proven process to replace toxic solvents with eco-friendly product.

So how is TCE alternate beneficial to you
  • • Cost effective per component
  • • Better handling
  • • Proven operator acceptability
  • • Easy Maintenance
  • • No Extra storage required
  • • Worker Safety
  • • Easier waste management as can be recycled
  • • Non-Explosive
  • • Non-Corrosive to metals and non-metals

Our TCE alternative is one of the best solutions which brings us closer to our mission 'Clean Green'!!