Eco Friendly Customized Solutions….Clean Green Environment!!!

Why do we customize our products?

Over past two decades, chemical industries have seen a spurt in demand for biodegradable alternatives. We have vigorously responded in the interest of such demands, by customizing a wide range of eco-friendly alternatives. Our team of experts have designed and formulated sustainable and environmentally responsible products.

From having a huge range of sustainably sourced raw-materials to customized finished product, we have created more concentrated solutions without harming nature. We are glad the we met our customers’ expectations by offering significant, operational safety and environmental benefits over traditional liquid chemical products.

We take pride in offering customized products in following categories:
  • • Alternatives to hazardous chemicals
  • • Metal Working Fluids
  • • Precision & Bulk Cleaning
  • • Performance Chemicals
Customized product benefits:
  • • Eliminates inconvenience and dangers associated while handling the product.
  • • Reduces risk of chemical exposure, spills and liquid pouring.
  • • Saves space and overall process time.
  • • Guaranteed quality.
  • • Increased productivity.
  • • Compatible with existing room temperatures or even at high temperatures.
  • • Minimizes waste, thereby supporting environment.
  • • User friendly.
Why Choose Us?
  • • 20 years later, we are working with the same passion and innovative ideas.
  • • More than 24 customized solutions have been designed and released so far.
  • • All our products are bio-degradable, manufactured by using one of the best state of art technology in the market today.
  • • Our Principals have a very productive R&D lab with full-time researchers who formulate and monitor the quality of products.
  • • We genuinely believe in customer centric approach.