Some facts about kerosene you may not know

Since the early 9th century kerosene has managed to stay with times. Kerosene is a flammable fluid which is used in many industries and homes around the world as a source of light, heat and power. It is generally non-sticky and clear.
Then why Kerosene is Hazardous?

Dangerous to humans if not used efficiently
  • • Ingestion of kerosene is damaging and can be fatal
  • • Kerosene use involves risk of burns and serious illness
  • • Continuous exposure to kerosene can cause respiratory problems
  • • Continuous contact with eyes can make one blind
  • • Neurological problems may occur due to constant usage of Kerosene
Environmental Hazards
  • • Causes water pollution and air pollution
  • • Contributes to global warming
  • • Non-renewable
  • • Fairly responsible for soil pollution that hinders the growth of plants
  • • Incurs a lot of maintenance cost
Risks associated while handling Kerosene
  • • Kerosene is flammable; hence it has to be handled with utmost care
  • • It can cause explosions if it comes in contact with fire

Considering all the above facts, our team of experts have successfully come up with an alternate solution. The product designed by our Principals’ technical experts provides an end to end solution to our customers without harming the purity of Mother Nature.

What makes us stand out than other suppliers?
  • • Our product is based on green chemistry, hence is non-hazardous by nature
  • • It does not generate bad odor even if it is used above room temperatures
  • •Its non-corrosive property, makes it safe for metals and non-metals
  • • Safe on hands and skin
  • • It is totally free from Sulphur and chlorine