Saving water is the need of the hour!!

Taking an apt decision is the first step towards success. Similarly, choosing the right cleansing product is the first step towards environment care.

In today’s demanding environment, it is highly essential to be competent enough to be at par with the new age technology. Due to continuous efforts of our Principals’ well efficient experts, it is our pride to declare that we have designed a new Waterless Hand cleaning solution that effectively removes oil, grease and sticky materials without the use of kerosene, soaps or even water. Such waterless cleaners are crucial, especially in remote areas where there is less water supply and operators have to deal with oils, grease or sticky materials daily.

  • • Conserves Water
  • • Biodegradable
  • • Non-toxic
  • • Incombustible
  • • Removes most stubborn dirt, grease and oil
  • • Removes bad smells
  • • Can be used with or without water
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